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Long-term Project Completion

Have an app, website, or software you need built? I (or my entire engineering team, if needed) most likely can be your developer. I have a wide range of experiences in most fields within computer science, given my past experiences as a software engineer, researcher, founder, CEO, tutor, and professor.  Currently, I am engineering solutions to transform complex data into continuously proven information, as a software engineer at Context Labs, and developing solutions to make education more affordable and accessible, by leading the engineering teams at Agoro, Troy Tutors Learning Platforms, and CollabLab Technologies. I have experience in the fields and roles of software engineering, data engineering, machine learning, project management, artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, web development, and cybersecurity, as well as academia and industry research in relation to smart, efficient buildings, smart indoor thermal management HVAC algorithms, privacy, IoT, and smart lighting systems.


Option I - Rapid Development

For tasks requiring more than 20 hours a week of development, you get


Daily development

Daily status update messages (5/wk)

Weekly demo of current progress

Pricing: $49/hr


Option II - Side-project Development

For tasks requiring 10-20 hours a week of development, you get


2 status update messages a week

Biweekly demo of current progress

Pricing: $63/hr


Option III - Part-time Project

For tasks requiring 6-10 hours a week of development, you get


1 status update message a week

Biweekly demo of current progress

Pricing: $77/hr

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