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Diallo M. (RPI 2024)

Biomedical Engineering Tutor, Biomedical Engineering Intern, and The BME Pro

Hello there!

My name’s Diallo Molina, but all my friends call me Diallo The Great. I got that title back in elementary school when I was granted ‘most likely to conquer the world’.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching my peers about the sciences since middle school and was often considered a great studying partner throughout my time in education, as I try to not take studying time immensely seriously, but explain concepts in ways easily understood. When I’m not studying or working, I play strategy and role-playing games, watch anime of all kinds, engage with my fraternity and enjoy all things superhero.

I am currently interning at Troy Tutors, assisting in major projects for its success. I eventually intend to use my knowledge in biomedical engineering and business to start my own medical company in the future, assisting amputees and utilizing genetic engineering in novel ways, improving lives, instead of simply saving them.

If you want a session but you’re scheduling after the 24hr period, email me, I can likely make time. If you’re unsatisfied with your first tutor session, I will not charge you for it!

Diallo M. (RPI 2024)
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