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Our Team

Our tutors, engineers, and team members


Zack Nawrocki (RPI 2020)

Founder of Troy Tutors, CS Tutor, CS Lecturer

Zack graduated from RPI in 2020, with a degree in CS and dual concentrations in AI & data and systems & software (HVAC/Lighting research). He was one of the first engineers at a successful environmental blockchain startup. He owns 3 software companies and is the founder of an engineering University. He is also employed full-time at a company that is making breakthrough innovations with blockchain, ML, and data, to help solve climate change. He’s been tutoring for over a decade and dedicates some weekly availability on Troy Tutors.


Seth Halpern (RPI 2020)

ECSE Tutor

Seth graduated from RPI in 2020 with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering through the RPI Co-Term program. He is currently a Firmware Engineer at Lockheed Martin and has former RPI TA and tutoring experience.


Stephanya Moran (RPI 2022)

Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering Tutor

Stephanya is an RPI 2022 graduate with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a concentration in Biomaterials. She completed the pre-medical advising track and spent 3 years as an I-Persist mentor and senior mentor for chemistry. She also tutored as an RPI ALAC mentor for chemistry, biomaterials, and bioimaging/bioinstrumentation. Currently, she is working as a process engineer for WL Gore in medical products.


Matthew Youngbar (RPI 2022)

CS Tutor, ECSE Tutor, and Software Engineer

Matthew is a former RPI CS Mentor and a Masters Computer and Systems Engineering Co-Term RPI alumni, who graduated in 2022. They have years of experience tutoring students in CS subjects, both as a mentor and as the default CS resource for members of RPI Swim & Dive. Matthew is a Software Engineer at Capital One and the Chief Technology Officer of an educational software startup.


Kevin Meehan (RPI 2022)

ECSE Tutor

Kevin graduated from RPI in 2022 with a Dual B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer and Systems Engineering. He is currently a Power Engineer at Avangrid Renewables.


Luke Williams (RPI 2023)

CS and Engineering Tutor

Luke is a former RPI TA in Data Structures and Embedded Control, and a CS and CSE student at RPI. He has multiple years of one-on-one tutoring and RPI mentoring experience. He has held three internships and a couple part-time jobs in areas ranging from silicon fabrication to data engineering/science. He currently has a full-time post-graduation offer at Palantir Technologies. He also has RPI undergraduate research experience in deep learning and computer vision under Dr. Charles Stewart.


Diallo Molina (RPI 2024)

Biomedical Engineering Tutor, Biomedical Engineering Intern, and The BME Pro

Diallo is a Biomedical Engineering student at RPI. In addition to tutoring on Troy Tutors, he was a Biomedical Engineering Intern for Troy Tutors during the summer of 2022. Diallo developed BME Pro.


Jacob D'Innocenzi (RPI 2024)

Aeronautical Engineering Tutor, Mechanical Engineering Tutor, and Aeronautical Engineering Intern

Jacob is an Aeronautical Engineering student at RPI. In addition to tutoring on Troy Tutors, he was an Aeronautical Engineering Intern for Troy Tutors during the summer of 2022.


Dylan Sheils (RPI 2024)

Physics and Computer Science Tutor

Dylan is a Computer Science and Physics major at RPI. His main interests are theoretical computer science and quantum physics.


Chloe Norris (RPI 2024)

Chemistry Tutor

Chloe is an Industrial Chemistry Major at RPI, specializing in physical chemistry and chemical engineering. She has been tutoring chemistry for 5 years now, including the IPERSIST mentoring program at RPI. She is well versed in both conceptual understanding and hands-on lab experience.


Noam Benson-Tilsen (RPI 2025)

Computer Science and Math Tutor

Noam is a sophomore Computer Science and Math dual major at RPI. His
primary coding experience is in Python and C/C++. Noam has been an
undergrad mentor for CS1, and he is a member of UPE.


Akshay Bhat (RPI 2023)

Math and Physics Tutor

Akshay is a RPI student majoring in Math and Physics. They are currently a senior mentor for the I-PERSIST program and has multiple years of tutoring experience in both math and physics, so they are comfortable working with a variety of different learning styles.


Eric Carson (RPI 2024)

CS and Math Tutor

Eric is a RPI student majoring in ITWS, Electrical, and Computer and Systems Engineering. He has prior tutoring experience through Varsity Tutors and has experience tutoring math for over a year.


Daegan Fuss (RPI 2023)

ESCE Tutor

Daegan is a Dual Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Major at RPI. He has been tutoring since high school, has been working in the field of electronics for over 7 years, has completed two design-based internships, and has completed undergraduate research under Dr. Rees in bioelectronics.


Jonathan Adotey  (RPI 2025)

CS Tutor

Jonathan is a current RPI sophomore, majoring in Computer Science. His
interests are software engineering and CS theory, and his primary
programming skills are in Java and C++.


Colin Canavan (RPI 2024)

Physics Tutor

Colin is a Physics and Economics Major at RPI and has been an RPI I-persist Physics 1 mentor and a Physics 2 facilitator.

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Jacob Tehranian (RPI 2022)

Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering Tutor

Jacob received a B.S. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at RPI in 2022. He is currently a Masters student in the RPI MANE department.


Michael Aksen (RPI 2022)

Mechanical Engineering Tutor

Michael received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at RPI in 2022. He is currently obtaining  a Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at RPI. He has had private tutoring experience teaching chess and math to high schoolers and younger kids. He enjoys playing basketball and watching Naruto in his free time.

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Nicholas Chite (RPI 2023)

CS, ECSE, and HASS Tutor

Nick is a Computer & Systems Engineering and Computer Science dual major at RPI. He has tutored CS1 and Data Structures for ALAC and has been a UGSA for Computer Hardware Design. Nick is pursuing a master's in ECSE with a focus on machine learning. Along with his mathematical and programmatic skills, he has a passionate interest in music and its combination with technology.


Henry ODonnell (RPI 2024)

Chemical Engineering Tutor

Henry is a chemical engineering major at RPI, enrolled in the Accel program. His favorite classes were Transport Phenomena I and II. He is involved in RPI research for Zha lab, in which he has worked on projects from sustainable plastic alternatives to analysis of solution phase protein data, to optimize formation of biodegradable coatings, which could be used in biomedical devices. His hobbies include going to the gym and cooking.


William Li (RPI 2025)

CS Tutor

William is a Computer Science and ITWS dual major at RPI. He has experience as an ALAC tutor, where he taught Data Structures and CS1, but is also very knowledgeable in courses such as Calculus 1 and 2, Multivariable Calculus, and Foundations of Computer Science. On his free time, he likes to play guitar and lift weights.


Noah Mack (RPI 2024)

ECSE Tutor

Noah is a junior at RPI pursuing a dual major in Computer & Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering. He has multiple semesters of experience as an ALAC tutor for Data Structures.

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Tyler Bade (RPI 2022)

Economics Tutor

Tyler dual majored in Mechanical Engineering and Economics at RPI. He graduated in 2022, with two bachelor of science degrees.

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Emmanuel David (RPI 2025)

CS Tutor

Emmanuel is a dual major in computer science and cognitive science. He has been a mentor for CS1 and Computer organization for over a year.  He is an active member of RCOS and is currently working on a project about Neural Radiance Fields.


Trevor Brunette (RPI 2023)

CS Tutor

Trevor is a dual major in computer science and cognitive science. He is skilled in firmware development, RTOS development, Java, C++, and C programming.


Ed Chambers (RPI 2018)

Director of Operations

Ed makes sure things don't get too crazy here. He helps manage the platform, communications, services, billing, tutor compensation, secret projects, and appointments at Troy Tutors.

Troy T

"CEO of Troy Tutors"

Everyone loves Troy T. He is like Troy Tutors' mascot. Troy T claims to be the CEO of Troy Tutors.

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Previous Tutors

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Morgan Phelix, Engineering Tutor, RPI 2023

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