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Zephan D. (RPI 2023)

Mechanical Engineering Tutor

I am a Mechanical Engineering RPI alumni. I have always enjoyed helping other people, especially with school work. The first time I was paid for my mentoring was in Fall 2021. I was employed by the ENGR department as an Undergraduate Student Assistant for ENGR 2300 Electronic Instrumentation (EI). 

I had expressed interest in TA-ing for the class after my semester studying for it in Spring '21. During that course, I noticed that many students were lost throughout experiments and homework. I was surprised to find that many students in the sections I served were similarly lost. Though I was assigned the most open shop hours, I almost always extended them by at least an extra hour. I had a lot of fun helping everyone.

I am currently taking a class on Coursera, studying for the GRE/GMAT, and recovering from a spine injury, so I have a flexible schedule (not spine lol). I was attempting to do my own online tutoring on my arch away semester, offering help for SAT and Regents Exams. However, I believe that Troy Tutors allows me to give back to my own community while also keeping relevant skills sharp. I would love to step up and offer my services as a tutor with you!

Zephan D. (RPI 2023)
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